Cloth Diapering

I am completely new to cloth diapering and am learning as I go. I plan to add pictures of my diaper stash to this page. Also will be adding tips, reviews, washing routine, deals, etc.

Stay tuned!
So far the best thing I have found for building up my stash are Co-Ops. I found a Co-Op group on facebook. The Co-Ops are a group of people that get together and buy things together at wholesale prices, saving TONS of money. Right now, we are ordering some JC Trade Diapers for a little less than $4 each (not including inserts) and I am so excited to get them. They have so many super cute prints to choose from!

Through the Co-Op, I also ordered some RLR Diaper Treatment for stripping the diapers. I have not washed any of my cloth diapers yet, but look forward to stripping them when the RLR comes in. I've read some really great reviews on the laundry treatment.

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